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Corazon Catalysts

Working in collaboration with equity-driven leaders to activate social change through courageous and compassionate individual, organizational, and systems transformation.

Ways to

Catalyze Change

Corazon Catalysts provides equity-driven strategy development, facilitation and training, and organizational effectiveness services to community benefit organizations.

Strategy & Design

Organizational audit, strategy development, and tools for oversight and reporting.

Program, initiative, and campaign design and strategy development.

Work planning and performance evaluation tools for transparency, collaboration, and power sharing.

Change Management

Executive leadership transition strategy and implementation 

including search,

on-boarding, and interim supports.

Change audit, strategy development, and facilitation for an inclusive and responsive process.

Team culture building, development, advising, and coaching.

Equity Initiatives

In alliance with

Thrive Paradigm

Equity audit and strategy development; including facilitation and guidance with implementation.

Development of equity principles, screens, and other tools.


Retreats, training, coaching, and learning communities.

Leadership Development

Leadership and management planning, training, retreats, and coaching.


Board development, strategy, training, and tools for transformation.


Coaching and mentorship with new and aspiring leaders and executives.

The Ideal partner strives to


Invest in comprehensive capacity building that will permeate and coalesce toward enduring transformation.


Uplift values in practices, policies, and procedures of the organization and system.



Prioritize the experience of the people in the process to achieve holistic human centered outcomes and impact.  


Address systemic inequities and shift dominant culture to center equity and justice in management and leadership practices.


Foster a container that supports authenticity and vulnerability to explore discomfort while holding compassion for self and others.


Adapt responsively to the changing needs of the people, organization or system with transparency and humility. 



Corazon Catalysts was founded by Ruth Obel-Jorgensen. With 20+ years of experience and education in the nonprofit sector, Ruth has worked to create systems change through values-driven leadership practices that advance equity. Ruth prides herself on fostering strong organizational culture that leads with values, acts with integrity, and strives to be and cultivate equity-driven leaders – recognizing that we’re all part of a larger social justice movement.


Ruth Obel-Jorgensen

Founder & Principal

she/her/hers | MSW, CNP


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